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It’s the Time of Year to Make Sure Your Chimney is Clean

chimney cleaning and sweeping in barneveld wiCold weather’s right around the corner, and in Wisconsin that means there’s plenty to do to get ready for another winter.  If you run a fireplace in your home, one task that must be seen to is making sure your chimney is clean and ready for the burning season.

Having your chimney inspected and cleaned before the winter season really sets in is smart for several reasons.

1. Chimney sweep availability.  It seems to be a natural human trait to wait until the last minute to get things done.  This applies to arranging for chimney service.  Many people wait until the snow is blowing and the ice is forming before calling in a chimney sweep.  If you schedule your appointment in the fall, you’ll have a better chance of getting the tech out to your house when it’s convenient for you, since they tend to not be as busy.

2. Allow time for repairs.  Over time, chimneys (and fireplaces) can exhibit many types of damage.  Some of this damage is easy to fix, while some of it may take a little time.  By having your chimney inspection performed prior to the cold season, you’ll ensure that whatever may need to be done to the system can get done without delays because of bad weather in which workers cannot or will not work.

3. Your peace of mind.  The last thing a homeowner should do is start running a fireplace after a long spring and summer without having it inspected.  By getting all necessary service done early, you’ll be able to enjoy your fireplace throughout the cold season, knowing that everything is working the way it’s supposed to.  A thorough chimney inspection and cleaning involves many tasks including:

· Removal of flammable creosote from the chimney liner

· Removal of obstructions such as animal nests, dead animals (birds and squirrels are commonly found in chimneys) and various debris like leaves and twigs

· Inspection of the chimney cap and flashing to make sure both are in sturdy working order

· Inspection of the brick and mortar of the chimney structure, checking for cracks that can allow water to get in, freeze and cause serious damage, and also checking for any signs of breaking or crumbling

· Inspection of the chimney liner to make sure there is no damage

lodi wi chimney and fireplace inspection and cleaningA study by the National Fire Protection Association found that the leading cause of house fires was creosote catching fire inside chimneys.  This is one reason annual chimney inspection and cleaning is critically important.  But everything a certified chimney sweep does during an inspection is also important, because the only truly safe fireplace is one in which every component is working exactly as it should.

If you want to beat the rush this winter, call Chimney Specialists of Highland, Wis., at (608) 929-4887.  We’ll send an experienced chimney technician to your home to inspect your entire system, clean it and make recommendations for necessary repairs – before winter sets in.

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