The Value Of Getting A Second Opinion On Chimney Services
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Do You Need a Second Opinion for Chimney Services?

In many industries, it can pay to get a second opinion after you’ve received an initial estimate for services. A second opinion is even more valuable if the work looks like it will be complicated and expensive.

In the chimney services industry, getting a second – or third – opinion is always a smart move, particularly if you’ve never worked with the company that gave you the first estimate.

Chimney Specialists Inc. of Highland, WI, would like to tell you about the two main reasons second opinions on chimney work can be of great benefit to you.

professional chimney inspections in Boscobel WIA second opinion on the job cost

Because chimney companies don’t sell an actual product, such as a lawn chair or an area rug, their prices aren’t exact. The inspector or estimator from the company will take a look at the situation, consult with you, and then determine what he or she feels is a fair price for having the work performed.

While there will always be some price variants from company to company, estimates on a particular chimney project shouldn’t vary that much. For example, if the first estimate you get for having your chimney swept is $5,500 and the second estimate is $250, you have a problem.

A very high estimate may mean the company is price-gouging to make some easy extra money. A very low estimate may mean the company doesn’t have the equipment and knowledge to do a thorough job. In either case, a second estimate can help you put things into perspective.

A second opinion on the scope of work

Remember, a formal estimate will include not only the price but also the tasks that the company says it will perform for that price. These line items can be a wealth of information for you when getting a second opinion and making a smart final choice.

For example, let’s say you’ve had a pretty bad chimney fire, and now your chimney is discolored and leaning to one side. Chimney Company A says they’re going to tear down the chimney stack and rebuild it, and they tell you what the price will be. Sounds okay to you.

The second estimate you get is for quite a bit more than the first one. But Chimney Company B is including in their work a critical Level 3 chimney inspection, which will involve dismantling sections of the chimney and the adjacent home building materials to get a full understanding of the scope of the problem and any collateral damage.

The rep from the second company explains that there’s no way to do a safe and thorough restoration job after a major fire without a Level 3 inspection, thus the higher cost.

professional chimney service in Fennimore WIGet a second opinion on chimney work from trusted Wisconsin chimney experts

Chimney Specialists is happy to provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation second opinion on any chimney services you’re looking to schedule. We’ll give you a price and scope of work on:

  • Chimney masonry repair
  • Complete and partial chimney rebuilding
  • Chimney liner repair and new liner installation
  • Chimney crown rebuilding
  • Chimney leak repair
  • Drafting problem resolution

and all other chimney services.

Contact us today for a qualified second opinion and estimate for chimney work. Reach us at (608) 929-4887 or get in touch with our contact form.


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