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What is a Linear Fireplace?

Contemporary Fireplace Dubuque Fireplace and PatioA linear fireplace is a rectangular gas fireplace that provides a remarkable range of possibilities for complementing modern and eclectic décor. For your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and patio, this may be the ideal addition. Whether you want to lower your winter utility costs or add the right ambiance to commercial space in a business or office, a linear fireplace could be the perfect choice. Contemporary fireplaces are a far cry from traditional wood-burning fireplaces, and they are certainly popular among interior designers everywhere. Find out more below.

Design Benefits of Linear Fireplaces

The sleek look and clean lines of linear fireplaces make them ideal matches for homes with a contemporary vibe. Modern trends have created various dilemmas for which these gas heating appliances are the solution. The following are a few examples of why designers love linear fireplaces:

  • Huge televisions can create imbalance in a room, and yet flat-screen TVs continue to grow in size. With an extra-long linear fireplace, the warm ambiance of a glowing fire can again dominate.
  • The minimalist style of contemporary fireplaces has ignited the creativity of many an architect and interior designer. These heating appliances can safely be installed flush with a wall that’s constructed with almost any materials. Contemporary fireplaces can also recede into the wall or create a divider between two rooms that share the fireplace. The no-mantel look fits ideally with a linear fireplace, which can be anywhere from 3 feet to 21 feet long or more.
  • Real wood logs can be stored next to the fireplace, to lend a rustic, more authentic appearance to faux logs. If there is no mantel and the linear fireplace is installed in a large wall and entire room bathed in white plus with a black or brown piece of furniture or décor sparsely placed here and there, the effect is stunning.

Benefits of Linear Fireplaces vs Wood Fireplaces

Many homeowners have been switching out their wood-burning fireplaces for gas fireplaces, including modern styles. The following are among the many benefits of linear fireplaces, compared to traditional wood-burning models:

  • Convenience is the most outstanding feature of gas fireplaces. Controlling the flames is as simple as adjusting a thermostat or remote control or flipping a switch. Forget about chopping or hauling firewood and storing a stack of logs so that they can dry out over time.
  • The annual cost of logs for a wood-burning fireplace is estimated to be approximately $234, on average. For a linear fireplace, the estimated yearly expense is about $74.
  • Every wood fire leaves behind highly flammable creosote in the chimney flue. To avoid a dangerous chimney fire and obstruction of the flue liner, regular chimney cleaning is an important part of maintenance. Gas fireplaces are clean-burning and require minimal upkeep.
  • Whereas wood fires begin to die down and need fresh logs thrown on to rev up the flames, linear fireplaces provide consistent heat for as long as you need it. With many models, the flame size and heat output can be easily adjusted.
  • All wood-burning appliances require a chimney that can expel combustion gases. No chimney is required for a linear fireplace. Most of these sleek gas fireplaces are direct-vent appliances. This means gases are expelled through a nearby wall or through the roof, but a chimney isn’t needed.
  • You can choose realistic-looking faux logs, tumbled stone, rock embers, or colored glass for a linear fireplace.

Modern Fireplace OptionsIs a Modern Fireplace Perfect for your Home?

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