What's A Zero Clearance Fireplace?
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What’s A Zero Clearance Fireplace?

Having a fireplace is one of those amenities many of us look for when buying a new home. If you ever decide to sell your house, it can often be a major draw for the potential buyer. One possibility to retrofit your home with a fireplace is with a zero-clearance fireplace. What is it exactly and is it easy to install? We’ll answer both of those questions and more shortly!

Zero Clearance Gas Fireplace Installation in Boscobel WIFirst, what is clearance?

Obviously, we’re not referring to a sale at your favorite retailer when we refer to “clearance.” Instead, in this context clearance means the space between two things. When driving through a parking garage, for example, you don’t want to rub the roof of your brand-new truck on the ceiling. You need space, or clearance, to keep your cab free of scratches.

Within the fireplace industry, clearance refers to the distance between your fireplace system and combustible materials. Wood and drywall are examples of materials that can easily catch fire. Stone and concrete do not.

So what’s a zero-clearance fireplace?

As you might assume, a zero-clearance fireplace does not require distance between it and the other components of your home. A zero-clearance fireplace accomplishes this by having its own insulation and is fully self-contained. There is no need for a buffer zone as the fireplace itself protects the other parts of your home from the combustion process.

The benefits of a zero-clearance fireplace

The first benefit of a zero-clearance fireplace is its flexibility. Because they’re self-contained, just about any type of structure can support one. From mobile homes to your detached shred shed, these add a finishing touch to a room without the fear of the fireplace catching anything else on fire.

Second, they’re easy to use. They’re likewise more efficient than open hearth fireplaces. Finally, they can fit into small spaces easily. Do you have a tiny bedroom? No problem — a zero-clearance fireplace may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Are they easy to install?

So, what does this mean for ease of installation? They’re actually relatively easy to set up. The biggest thing that you will need to decide is how you will run the flue pipe through your home. However, don’t worry about this too much: your Chimney Specialists technician can help you figure out that part of the installation equation.

Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace Installation in Mt Horeb WIFor the most part, these will be wood-burning systems. That means there’s no worry about tapping into your natural gas line either, making them even easier to set up and start using.

From chimney services to fireplace installs, we handle it all

Choosing the right contractor to install your zero-clearance fireplace is important. You should look for a CSIA-certified firm that specializes in services like this while also possessing extensive experience in the industry. Our team fits both of those descriptions and would be happy to help with your needs. Ready to get started? Then give the team at Chimney Specialists, Inc a call at 608-929-4887 or through our short online contact form.

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