The Top Five Reasons That Chimney Inspections Are Important
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Why Are Chimney Inspections Important

We’ve all been there: it’s the perfect fall evening. The air is crisp, everyone is laughing and smiling, and you want to come home to a warm, comfy fire. “My fireplace was fine this past season,” you think to yourself. Does this mean that it’s okay to start a fire without an inspection? No, and here are our top five reasons why chimney inspections are important.

Creoste Buildup Removal, Fennimore WIRemove creosote buildup

Creosote is a sticky, tar-like substance that is a byproduct of burning wood. If the wood you burnt this past spring was a little less seasoned than usual, or if it had a higher moisture content, there’s a strong possibility you may have more creosote in your flue than you realize. Chimney inspections by a company such as Chimney Specialists will reveal this problem. Otherwise, if left to grow, it can eventually lead to a house fire or blockages that cause dangerous fumes to back up into your home.

Clean out obstructions

Speaking of blockages, everything from leaves to animals to creosote can be the cause of a flue blockage. These obstructions should be cleaned out seasonally or as soon as they’re discovered. Animals like to take up residence in an uncapped chimney for warmth, and birds are especially fond of building nests within uncapped flues.

These obstructions are not only dangerous in terms of causing a fire but can cause gasses such as carbon monoxide to enter your home rather than escape through your chimney.

Mitigate insurance headaches

Otherwise, you could experience an unintended home insurance headache when you file a chimney-related claim. Some policies have exceptions built into them if the homeowner doesn’t have professional chimney inspections annually. The last thing you want to have happen is to have an incident and no way to recover your losses.

Keep your home’s interior free of damage

And finally, chimney inspections can keep your interior in tip-top shape as well. Even if you don’t use your chimney or fireplace, it’s still a part of your home’s structure. From water damage to structural concerns, annual chimney inspections can help keep any unintended issues at bay (plus, you’ll find out if you can use that long-buried fireplace after all this season).

Chimney Flashing Damage Repair, Boscobel WI Fix hidden damages

From the ground looking up, your chimney may look fine. However, during chimney inspections, homeowners often learn that they have hidden damages. These can include cracks in their masonry, broken crowns, holes in their chimney cap (or a missing cap altogether), and water damage within their flue. Chimney inspections reveal these problems and provide an opportunity to fix them quickly before they become larger issues.

Chimney inspections are a yearly home maintenance checklist item

Just as you have a vehicle maintenance checklist throughout the year, such as rotating your tires and getting the oil changed, homes have yearly to-dos as well. This includes scheduling annual chimney inspections. Otherwise, you could find yourself facing one or more of the above situations, ranging from a home fire to potential water damage inside of your home. Each of our technicians is CSIA-certified and ready to help.

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