Is Your Chimney Leaning? Here are The Most Common Causes
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Why Is My Chimney Leaning?

It can be frightening to look at your home and realize your chimney is leaning. You may wonder if it will fall shortly, if it’s unsafe for your family, and wonder how quickly you should act. It is a rather time sensitive and a dangerous conflict to encounter, so it’s important that you call a professional chimney company as soon as possible to get it evaluated. If you have called and want to know what may have caused this, read on to learn more.

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1. A Missing Footing

When contractors build chimneys today, they are required to lay a footing. These footings require heavy, high-quality concrete to be laid. This is required due to the heaviness of the brick and mortar it’s required to support. Unfortunately, older houses may not even have a footing, which can cause the chimney to slowly sink into the ground or pull away from the house. This can occur many years down the line due to the house settling, excessive water, or other natural causes.

2. Footing Breaking Down

Unfortunately, some footings aren’t built deep enough in the ground or are too thin to support the weight. This can potentially lead to cracking as time goes on and then provide a foundation that is no longer structurally sound. This can be caused by bad installation or low-quality materials that aren’t designed for the weight of a chimney.

3. Masonry, Bricks, or Mortar Wear

As time goes on, your chimney can take a beating from the elements. Snow, wind, rain, and debris can all slowly cause wear on your chimney. Specifically, rain that gets into hairline fractures and freeze can expand and contract wreaking havoc on the stability of your structure over time. If this is caught early, it can be spot repaired, but sometimes, it can’t out of hand and cause the structure to start leaning.

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4. Soil Issues

Not all issues are directly related to the foundation or building materials of a chimney. In fact, some tilting chimneys can be due to soil that is inadequate to support a home. With excess moisture or faulty drainage, the water can do a number to soil that supports your structure. This is less likely than the previously mentioned issues but cannot be completely ruled out.

If you’re noticing your chimney starting to show signs of wear and aging, it’s better to take a proactive approach. Your local chimney professionals can assist with any repair plans necessary to ensure issues do not get any worse.

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