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Why Is Your Chimney Discolored?

Today, we have a small task for you to complete. Are you ready? Picture your chimney. What colors do you see? If you said red or orange for the brick, along with gray or white for the mortar joints, perfect! However, if you mentally pictured any other color, pause. That may be a sign telling you that you have a problem that needs to be addressed quickly. So, if you’re now sitting there wondering, “Why is my chimney discolored”, here are possible answers.

White Chimney Staining in Middleton WIWhite stains

Of all of the reasons a chimney may be discolored, this is the easiest and (usually) the least worrisome. White stains are technically a byproduct of a process known as efflorescence. This usually means water on the surface of your chimney at some point evaporated. When doing so, it left behind a mineral deposit.

However, there is a possibility that this could be indicative of water damage inside your chimney. Your Chimney Specialists technician can confirm this for you during an annual sweep and inspection.

Green or blue stains

Water can also lead to the next reason why you may have a discolored chimney. Do you have green or blue stains on your masonry? If so, this can indicate that you have mold or algae growth within the structure.

Both of these like to grow in dark, damp places. A wet chimney, especially during hot and humid conditions, is the perfect breeding ground for this type of contamination. This should be addressed ASAP so that it doesn’t affect your family’s health.

Black stains, part 1

Black stains can indicate two possible problems. The first is simple and a follow-up to our previous comments. Black mold is very hazardous to your health, and stains of this color can point to a growth of this nature. Contact our team for immediate assistance if you notice any black stains on your chimney.

Black stains, part 2 (along with brown)

Likewise of equal importance is the second cause of black (and sometimes brown) stains: soot and creosote. The latter is a sticky, tar-like substance that is a natural byproduct of burning wood. However, if you burn a lot of unseasoned wood, creosote will build up faster. This can lead to both a smelly situation as well as a house fire if left unaddressed.

Rusted Chimney Chase Cover in Platteville WI

Rust stains

Finally, while bricks are generally red, rust stains are a different shade — and especially obvious. If you have any rust-colored stains, you likely have a water problem. When the water interacts with the metal components within your chimney, the water runoff brings some of that discoloration along with it.

The solution to fixing a chimney that’s discolored

If you notice any kind of discoloration on your chimney, don’t hesitate to contact our team right away. In most cases, it’s something that we can address for you quickly — often, all you may need is a sweep during our inspection. However, regardless of the cause, we can help. Contact Chimney Specialists Inc by calling us at 608-929-4887 or send us a message through our short contact form here to request an appointment.

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