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Wood Pellet Heating for Lower Utility Bills

pellet stove near highland wiWant lower utility bills? Wood pellet heating may just be the best way to do it. There has been a big push toward implementing energy-efficient solutions in homes, but most require a large up-front investment. And since wood pellet heating is so economical, it just may be the most affordable renewable energy solution for heating your home in the winter.

When most people think of wood stoves, images of those big, dusty, and smoky stoves like grandma used to have vividly come to mind. And for many homes in the Midwest, Northeast and other parts of the country wood stoves is their primary heating source. With the increasing energy costs, there has been this resurgence in wood heating. A wood pellet appliance provides homeowners with a heating appliance that has the benefits of a wood stove, but is easier, less costly, more convenient to use and better for the environment.

Trim Utility Bills

There are a variety of wood pellet appliances available with a range of features including fully automatic operation with LED thermostat. The amount of electricity a pellet stove consumes to operate the electronic systems is very small, usually about $9 per month, or less. Compare this to your current utility bills and you will likely notice a substantial energy savings. For example, the average cost for winter oil heating is approximately $232 per month, based on U.S. Energy Information Administration statistics. Of course, if you want to stay off the grid completely there are manually operated pellet stoves too.

Since modern wood pellet appliances have heating capacities ranging up to 90,000 BTUs per hour, they are an ideal primary heating solution for any residence from small apartments to large single family homes. They are an energy-efficient replacement for older wood stoves and gas, oil or electric furnaces. In addition to keeping your family warm and cozy in the winter, pellet stoves can also be used to heat your water tank for even lower utility bills all year long.
Cleaner, Safer than Traditional Wood Stoves

Pellet stoves near madison wiOne of the advantages of pellet heating appliances is that with the exception of the glass door, the entire unit remains cool to the touch. This allows for safer handling when loading pellets into the hopper. Also, because of its extreme efficiency there is considerably less soot build-up in the flue vent than in a traditional wood stove. This significantly reduces the fire hazard. However, pellet stove manufacturers recommend periodic cleaning of the flue vent.

Convenient and Energy Efficient

Whether you want to replace an old wood stove or are considering wood heating for the first time, pellet appliances are not only more convenient, they are considerably less expensive and more energy efficient. In fact, according to the U. S. Department of Energy, pellet stoves are the cleanest solid fuel available in residential heating. You can expect EPA-certified wood pellet appliances to range between 70 percent and 83 percent of heating efficiency.

Instead of opening a hot glass door to constantly add large wood logs, a bag of tiny wood pellets are emptied into the stove hopper. The pellets automatically drop into the chamber to fuel the stove. The amount of pellets consumed depends on the heat and/or thermostat setting of the pellet appliance.

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