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Darlington WI Fireplace Reinstalling / Remodeling

darlington wi. chimney repair

after remodeling fireplace in darlington wi.

Our crews from Chimney Specialists worked on this project in Darlington Wisconsin. First, we removed a Napoleon gas fireplace that the builder didn’t install correctly during the home construction. The fireplace was sooting the outside of the house very badly and would soot the glass within a few days. With this in mind we removed the stone on the front of the fireplace along with the old unit.

Next, we reframed the fireplace enclosure to fit the new Fireplace which was a Xtrordinaire 864 High output gas fireplace. A Iron works front and a Pearl mantel Shenandoah were installed with a custom colored Walnut stain and matte finish varnish. Lastly, we reinstalled the same type of stone and custom colored the mortar to match the existing stone work.

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