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Mt. Horeb, WI, Fireplaces, Stoves, Inserts, and Chimney Repair

Winters are long and cold in Mt. Horeb, WI, and the neighboring communities of Barneveld, WI, Elvers, WI, Vernon, WI, Montrose, WI, Belleville, WI, Forward, WI, and Hollandale, WI.  Fortunately Chimney Specialists of Highland, WI, located just 39 miles from Mt. Horeb, is ready to help with all your supplemental home-heating needs from fireplace, stove and insert sales to full-scale chimney cleaning, repair and inspection.

mt horeb wi fireplace install and chimney cleaning


Wood Fireplace - Mt. Horeb WI


Your heating and decorating needs can be satisfied by stopping by our showroom at 869 Main St. in Highland.  Here you’ll see an amazing selection of beautiful fireplaces designed to run on the fuel of your choice. Gas: An easy-to-use gas fireplace will serve as a highly efficient heating appliance for years to come.  Today’s models include realistic logs that are often mistaken for the real thing.  These units come in a variety of sizes and styles and are naturally low-maintenance. Wood: For many homeowners in Mt. Horeb, a handsome wood fireplace is the only way to go.  Nothing beats a blazing, crackling fire on a cold winter’s night.  Wood fireplaces are known for their unique ambience, aroma and visual delight. Electric: If you’re looking for ultra-convenience, you need to check out some of the new electric fireplaces.  These appliances come in many styles and are great for heating and great for requiring virtually no maintenance whatsoever.

Wood - Gas - Pellet Stoves in Mt. Horeb WI


In the market for a new heating stove?  Chimney Specialists has exactly what you’re looking for.  Like our fireplaces, our modern stoves run on gas, wood and electricity – and we even have models that use pellets as their fuel.  When thinking about stoves, forget about the old-style pot belly stoves of yesteryear.  Modern stoves come in every shape and size imaginable, making them easy to install in a main room as well as bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms for great supplemental heating.  As to style, it’s not hard to find a new stove that perfectly suits your interior design tastes.

Fireplace Insert Sales and Installation in Mt. Horeb WI

Fireplace Inserts

Our customers in Mount Horeb and surrounding areas sometimes have traditional masonry fireplaces that simply aren’t doing a very good job in heating their homes.  The solution?  A modern, highly efficient fireplace insert.  Inserts are factory-built to fit into an existing firebox.  Their closed-combustion systems generate far more heat than a masonry fireplace, and they’re designed to be great-looking amenities in your home.  The inserts you’ll find in our Highland, WI, showroom run on gas, wood, electricity or pellets.

Outdoor Wood Boilers Mt. Horeb WI

Outdoor Boilers

Some homeowners choose outdoor boilers as their home-heating appliance.  If you’re one of them, you can check out various models and learn more about boiler operation and setup at our Highland showroom located less than an hour’s drive from Mount Horeb.  Boilers run on wood, burn clean with low emissions and can be used to heat homes as well as garages, workshops and barns.

Fireplaces installed in Mt. Horeb WI


It’s one thing to purchase a new fireplace, stove, insert or outdoor boiler.  It’s another thing to install the appliance.  Folks in Mount Horeb as well as Hollandale, WI, Forward, WI, Belleville, Wi, Montrose, WI, Vernon, WI, Elvers, WI, Barneveld, WI, and surrounding areas can have professional installation of any home-heating product performed by our nationally certified installers.  We’ll make sure the unit is installed and set up according to spec to ensure safe and proper operation.

wisconsin chimney cleaning Mt. Horeb WI

Chimney Service – Inspection, Cleaning, Chimney Sweep

Virtually every fire safety agency in the country recommends that chimneys attached to wood-burning fireplaces be inspected and thoroughly cleaned on an annual basis.  Chimney Specialists provides these services throughout the Mount Horeb area.  The problem with letting a chimney go year after year without a good cleaning is the buildup of creosote, a flammable byproduct of smoke.  Many home fires every year are started after creosote in a chimney ignites.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Call us and schedule your next chimney cleaning and inspection.

Mt. Horeb WI Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs – Rebuilds, Liners, Chase Tops, Chimney Caps, Masonry

Over time, chimneys begin needing some repair work, often due to water infiltrating the system.  Our technicians are fully qualified to handle these repairs on the chimney structure and liner, chimney chase tops, chimney caps, flashing, dampers and all other system components.  By having regular inspections, you’ll be able to get problems fixed before they become severe.  But if serious problems do exist, we can repair, rebuild or replace, depending on the level of damage.

If you’ve seen our trucks rolling along E. Main St. (Hwy. 78), Springdale St., 8th St., Front St., Lincoln St. and other local roads, you know we’re headed to a home to make winter a little easier for another satisfied customer. Ongoing chimney repair and maintenance is needed due to damage, which is primarily caused by moisture. When moisture damage is neglected, the chimney structure will eventually begin to lean, crumble, and possibly collapse. Fixing problems early saves money. Our reliable chimney experts are available to provide the best in flue liner repair or replacement, chimney restoration, chimney rebuilding, and chimney crown repair in and around the Mt. Horeb WI area. Contact Chimney Specialists Inc. today for any and all of your chimney needs.

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