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Platteville WI Mantel Remodeling Project

We started by removing the existing mantel and old brass fireplace doors.  We installed a Fireplace Xtrodinair 34" gas burning fireplace insert with functional double doors.  The fireplace insert also had an Ember Fyre burner and a custom cut quilted fireback liner.  The fireplace brick protruded from the wall approximately 1" so we furred the wall out to be flush with the fireplace brick.  The homeowner asked us to delete the shadow box for the TV as well.  We fabricated door jamb extensions to match the depth of the fireplace brick because the wall was now be built out 1".  We prepared the floor to set the large one piece Crema Marfil marble hearth extension slab.  After the wall was sheet rocked, skim coated and painted we installed the door trim we custom made to match the existing trim in the house.  The Crema Marfil marble  hearth extension slab was then set flush into the floor.  The next step was to assemble the Crema Marfil marble mantel.  After the mantel was installed we installed the custom made base boards made to match the existing trim and painted it.  The last step was to clean up and give the marble a final polish.

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