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Prairie du Chien WI Fireplaces, Stoves, Chimney Services & Installation

Chimney Specialists trucks often travel in and around Prairie du Chien WI on N Marquette Rd, Beaumont Rd, State Highway 35, and U.S. Route 18, to provide the full range of chimney services. Our certified chimney technicians provide expert chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, stove and fireplace installation, chimney rebuilds, and quality chimney services of every kind. Our enormous Destination Hearth Store in Highland is about an hour away and worth a visit, to see the latest in efficient heating appliances.

Prairie du Chien WI fireplaces and stoves installs & chimney repairs


Wood Fireplace - Richland Center WI


Upgrade heating in your Prairie du Chien WI home with a modern wood fireplace, gas fireplace, or electric fireplace. The maximum efficiency of a masonry fireplace is estimated to be 10%. Any of the new wood or gas fireplaces you may choose for your home will deliver efficiency ranging between 75% to 85%--quite a contrast! You can continue enjoying the pleasant ambiance of a fireplace while at the same time cutting utility costs.

Wood - Gas - Pellet Stoves in Richland Center WI


The stoves at Chimney Specialists are all made by leading manufacturers. Many Prairie du Chien WI residents have chosen a new, efficient stove from our wide selection. The fuel types we offer include wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves, gas stoves, and electric stoves. Each fuel type has its own benefits. With the help of our friendly, knowledgeable experts, you can be sure that the stove installed in your home is the correct size for the space in which it is situated and  will serve the purpose intended. Pellet stoves are the most efficient, and they provide hands-free operation and comfortable radiant heat for as many as 36 hours before additional fuel must be added, to keep the flames burning.

Fireplace Insert Sales and Installation in Richland Center WI

Fireplace Inserts

The perfect solution to the inefficiency of a traditional masonry fireplace is to have a fireplace insert installed. Our installation experts can get your custom-made fireplace insert installed in Prairie du Chien WI in a single day. With a fireplace insert, your fireplace becomes a viable source of supplemental heat. This transformation will offset the cost of winter utilities. Simply shut off the central HVAC unit and stay warm in the areas kept toasty  by the fires in your fireplace insert.

Outdoor Wood Boilers Richland Center WI

Outdoor Boilers

For an economical heating solution, Chimney Specialists Inc. offers outdoor boilers. Many homeowners in the area have found that outdoor boilers are perfect for heating shops, barns, homes, and garages. Wood-burning boilers have low emissions because they burn clean. You can choose from a high-efficiency model or a traditional outdoor boiler. Both are eco-friendly. You can find out more about outdoor boilers by visiting our destination hearth store in Highland or calling to speak with one of our helpful experts at (800) 395-6660.

Fireplaces installed in Richland Center WI


At Chimney Specialists Inc., we have nationally certified technical experts who provide complete installation services for our service areas, including Prairie du Chien WI. Whether you choose a new wood-burning fireplace insert, a gas fireplace, a pellet stove, or another quality heating appliance, our technicians will provide installation of the highest quality. A zero-clearance (ZC) fireplace can typically be installed in just about any room. Our well-qualified installation services experts can usually install a fireplace insert inside your existing masonry fireplace in a single day. In addition, our experienced crews can perform needed chimney repairs, chimney rebuilds, chimney crown rebuild and repair, and installation of chimney linings and chimney caps. Whatever your heating appliance needs, our experts get the job done right.

wisconsin chimney cleaning Richland Center WI

Chimney Service – Chimney Sweep, Inspection, Cleaning

Annual chimney inspections are highly recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Both organizations are recognized as fire safety experts. NFPA recommends annual chimney cleaning as well as inspection. CSIA suggests that when creosote is 1/8” thick in the chimney flue, it’s time for a chimney cleaning. The best seasons to have your chimney inspected and cleaned is in spring or summer. You can beat the inevitable rush that accompanies cooler temperatures. Most importantly, if any repairs are needed, you can have them done in time for winter, by scheduling chimney inspection and cleaning early.

Richland Center WI Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs – Rebuilds, Chase Tops, Chimney Caps, Liners, Masonry

Many times when our Chimney Specialists trucks are seen traveling in the Prairie du Chien WI area, our expert chimney technicians are providing chimney repairs. Ongoing chimney repair and maintenance is needed due to damage, which is primarily caused by moisture. When moisture damage is neglected, the chimney structure will eventually begin to lean, crumble, and possibly collapse. Fixing problems early saves money. Our reliable chimney experts are available to provide the best in flue liner repair or replacement, chimney restoration, chimney rebuilding, and chimney crown repair in the Prairie du Chien WI area. Contact Chimney Specialists Inc. today for any and all of your chimney needs.

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