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Professional chimney service companies in Richland Center WI

As our chimney experts provide trusted chimney services to Richland Center WI homeowners, our marked trucks are often seen on US Highway 14, N Orange Street, or W Seminary Street. We have the top fireplace and stove destination store in the tri-state area and provide full-service hearth appliance installation as well as chimney repair, chimney inspections, chimney sweeping, and the complete range of chimney services.

Chimney Cleaning Services in Richland Center, WI

Fast, Efficient Chimney Sweep Services

In Richland Center WI, Chimney Specialists Inc. is the place to call for chimney sweep services. Since our startup in 1977, we’ve been nationally recognized several times but it’s the trust of our customers that matters most. Our NFI-certified chimney technicians use industry-grade equipment and have the training and qualifications to provide reliable chimney cleaning services.

Basic chimney inspections in Richland Center, WI

Richland Center WI Chimney Inspections

According to fire safety experts, annual chimney inspections are important. Chimney damage can be detected early during inspections. New problems are far less expensive to repair than neglected issues that worsen as time passes. There are three levels of chimney inspections, and our technicians are qualified to perform each of them. The video technology used to examine chimney liners is one of the most important aspects of a chimney inspection since liner damage is an issue no one can afford to ignore. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing the true condition of your chimney by scheduling the recommended annual chimney inspections.

Chimney Rebuilding Companies in Richland Center, WI

Chimney Rebuilding

Richland Center WI homeowners trust Chimney Specialists when partial or complete chimney rebuilding is needed. Cracking and crumbling masonry calls for a chimney rebuild. A leaning chimney is dangerous and signals the potential threat of a chimney collapse. Our chimney professionals provide recommendations for portions of a chimney when a partial masonry rebuild is required to prevent continued deterioration.

Chimney Masonry Repairs in Richland Center, WI

Richland Center WI Masonry Repair

Masonry repair is needed when chimney bricks and mortar suffer damage from moisture intrusion, lightning strikes, movement of the house in settling, and continuous exposure to the harsh outdoor elements. Our technicians use a method called “tuckpointing” to repair masonry. The process involves the removal of deteriorating mortar and the addition of new mortar to keep moisture out of the masonry system. We also offer waterproofing of chimneys, which effectively helps in the prevention of moisture damage.

chimney liner install and chimney repairs in Richland Center, WI

Chimney Liner Repair and Installation

The condition of chimney liners is a crucial safety issue, and we stress the importance of chimney liner repair or installation when needed among Richland Center WI customers. If a liner has even a small amount of damage, the home is exposed to two life-threatening issues. First, combustible parts of the home will be exposed to the excessive heat in the chimney liner, which can lead to a raging house fire. Secondly, toxic combustion gases can enter the living area of the home. This includes the potential for deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. When a replacement liner is needed, we often recommend stainless-steel liners for their durability.

Chimney chase Covers & chimney cap Repairs in Richland Center WI

Chimney Chase & Caps Richland Center WI

If you have a masonry chimney, you should have a chimney cap installed at the top of the flue or a more protective type that fits over the entire chimney in order to keep out rain, snow, sleet, debris, and animals. If you have a factory-built chimney, a chimney chase top provides the same protection. Our certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Specialists offer chimney cap and chimney chase top repair and replacement services for Richland Center WI homeowners.

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