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Spring Green WI Stoves, Fireplaces, Chimney Repair, & Installation

Our expert technicians in Chimney Specialists trucks routinely travel in and around Spring Green WI performing chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney rebuilds, installation of fireplaces and stoves, and a full range of chimney services. If you see our trucks on RT 14, N Winsted St, Shifflet Road, or Madison Street, perhaps it could serve as a reminder that we have a huge Destination Hearth Store in Highland Wisconsin only 30 minutes from Spring Green.
Fireplace, Stove & Fireplace Insert sales and installation in Spring Green Wi


Spring Green WI Fireplace Sales


Choose from a wood fireplace, gas fireplace, or electric fireplace to upgrade your home heating in Spring Green WI. Modern fireplaces are highly efficient, which is very different from traditional masonry fireplaces, which tend to have 10% efficiency, at most. The efficiency ratings for today’s fireplaces range from around 75% to 85%, which means a lot more heat goes into your home. The ambiance of a fireplace is one feature that hasn’t changed. Whether you have a gas fireplace, wood fireplace, or electric fireplace, you can enjoy the atmosphere that’s like no other.

Wood - Gas - Pellet Stoves in Spring Green WI


At Chimney Specialists, we have stoves made by top manufacturers. Many of our efficient, modern stoves have been installed in Spring Green, WI, residences. Choose from a variety of fuel types, all of which have their own benefits. We offer gas stoves, wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves, and electric stoves. Professionals can help to ensure that you choose a stove that’s the right size for the room it’s installed in and for its intended purpose. Modern stoves can all be depended upon to provide a significant amount of heat to your home. Pellet stoves don’t require continuous and careful attention, as a wood fire does. Flames in a pellet stove can continue for up to 36 hours, and comfortable radiant heat continues to be provided long after the fires go out.

Fireplace Insert Sales and Installation in Spring Green WI

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts solve the issue of inefficiency that is common among masonry fireplaces. Our profession technicians can install a fireplace insert in one day in Spring Green WI, and you can enjoy a whole new supplemental heat source to offset costs of winter heating. Inserts are installed in either a masonry fireplace or a factory-built fireplace. Proper installation is essential, to ensure that the insert performs properly and at maximum efficiency.

Outdoor Wood Boilers Spring Green WI

Outdoor Boilers

Chimney Specialists Inc. offers outdoor boilers, which are economical heating solutions. Many homeowners in Spring Green, WI, have discovered that outdoor boilers are ideal heat sources for use in garages, shops, barns, and homes. Wood-burning boilers burn clean and emit low emissions, making them eco-friendly heating appliances. When you order your outdoor boiler, you will choose from traditional models or high efficiency models. Visit our destination hearth store to learn more about outdoor boilers. Our showroom is a half hour from Spring Green WI.

Fireplaces installed in Spring Green WI


At Chimney Specialists Inc., we have technical expert installers with national certifications. We provide installations services for our Spring Green WI customers and for the surrounding area. Our showroom is huge, and you can see many brands on display. Choose from a fireplace insert or a wood, gas, or pellet stove or fireplace and our qualified technicians will install your new heating appliance for you. A zero clearance fireplace can be safely installed in practically any small space in your home. Our technicians can also remodel an existing fireplace, install a new fireplace, or add a new mantle and surround and add additional new hearth improvements. Our professional technicians also do a wide variety of chimney rebuilds and repairs, including chimney linings and chimney caps. They are qualified to perform the full range of chimney services for our Spring Green WI customers.

wisconsin chimney cleaning Spring Green WI

Chimney Service - Cleaning, Inspection, Chimney Sweep

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) are experts on fire safety, and both organizations highly recommend scheduling chimney inspections annually. CSIA recommends chimney cleaning services if creosote buildup is up to 1/8 inch or more. Spring and summer are the best times to have your chimney inspected. First, you beat the rush of customers with pressing service needs in fall and winter. Secondly, if damage is discovered, you have more time to have repairs made before winter.

Spring Green WI Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs - Masonry, Rebuilds, Liners, Chase Tops, Chimney Caps

Our professional chimney technicians frequently travel in Chimney Specialists trucks to perform services in Spring Green WI and the surrounding area. Repairs are needed for numerous reasons, but moisture is the number one cause of chimney damage. It can save you money to routinely check and repair or replace components of your heating system. The longer moisture damage goes undetected, the more expensive it is to fix the problems that are caused. Contact our expert chimney technicians for chimney crown repair, flue liner replacement or repair, chimney restoration, and chimney rebuilding.

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