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Is Mold Growing in Your Home’s Chimney?

A chimney is the last place that you might expect mold to thrive. Many homeowners do not realize how susceptible the chimney system is to water issues that can create the perfect environment for mold. Household mold flourishes in dark, damp, humid environments. Just like basements, crawl spaces, and ventilation ducts, chimneys are very vulnerable to moisture. How does […] Read more

What You Need to Know About Chimney Draft Problems

The exhaust system employed with a fireplace and chimney really is an amazing operation.  While humans designed the physical units, Mother Nature has always provided the draft, without which a fireplace would become a disaster. If a fireplace’s natural draft is interfered with, smoke can pour into your house and residents may be subject to CO […] Read more

Health Hazards Caused by Chimneys and Wood Fireplaces

For all the enjoyment a wood-burning fireplace can bring to a home, it also can bring some health risks if not operated properly.  Fire is beautiful to look at, but the byproducts of fire are not good for people or animals.  In particular, we’re talking about smoke, creosote, chimney soot and carbon monoxide. Let’s look at some of the […] Read more

The 5 Most Common Chimney Issues

A chimney may look like a secure, low-maintenance structure, but looks can be deceiving. Chimneys are vulnerable to many different problems, and homeowners can cut repair costs and ensure chimney safety with routine inspections and needed maintenance.  Five of the most common chimney issues are: creosote buildup, chimney obstruction, cracks in the flue, masonry deterioration, and a damaged chimney crown. 1-Creosote […] Read more

Preventative Maintenance Cuts Chimney Repair Costs

A chimney, along with all components of a fireplace system, requires specific maintenance tasks to keep it running the way it was intended.  You can save significant money and decrease the risk of a dangerous catastrophe simply by performing or having performed a few basic preventative maintenance jobs on your chimney. An inspection by a licensed, certified professional […] Read more

If your Chimney is Tilted or Pulling Away from your House, Look Out!

Is your chimney leaning or pulling away from your house? Please exercise caution because it could fall and seriously injury someone, in addition to causing costly damage. A leaning chimney is not a rare occurrence, though there is only one leaning tower of Pisa. There are many possible reasons for […] Read more

Where to Locate a Fireplace to Minimize Backdrafting

If you’re building a new home or doing some renovations to your current one and are ready to start planning for a new fireplace, you’ve got several important matters to consider.  One of them is where to locate the fireplace to minimize backdrafting. You probably know this, but it bears […] Read more

4 Reasons You’re Having Trouble with Your Fireplace

With proper usage and maintenance, fireplaces run mostly trouble-free, year after year.  But once in a while, a problem arises.  When people complain that they’re “having trouble with their fireplace,” it often boils down to one of four reasons. Damper closed: Is smoke backing up into the room?  The degree […] Read more

The Difference between a Chimney Crown, Chimney Chase Cover, and a Chimney Cap

While a fireplace is usually an impressive centerpiece in a home that rarely goes unnoticed, rooftop parts of the chimney may be long forgotten. In fact, it’s not unusual for homeowners to be unaware of or unsure about the functions of various rooftop components of a chimney. Three of those […] Read more

What is a Flue or Chimney Fire and Am I at Risk?

A chimney fire or flue fire can occur as a result of creosote or soot within the chimney lining catching fire. One of the primary reasons to have an annual chimney inspection is to determine whether creosote has built up to the point of making a chimney fire a real […] Read more

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