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Gas Vs Wood Fireplace: Which Is Right For You?

You are purchasing a home. You decide that you want a fireplace. You have comprised your lists. Debating pros and cons; wants vs needs. You know you want a fireplace, but the choice is gas vs wood. What is the best way to go? There is a lot to consider […] Read more

The Damper Dilemma: Signs Your Fireplace Damper Needs Repair

Your chimney damper plays the important role of controlling air flow in your chimney. A damper can function as both an escape route for smoke and a blocker for cold drafts when used properly. Understanding how they function and learning to spot the signs of a broken damper are important […] Read more

Unlocking the Power of Wood Stove Ashes: Practical Uses and Surprising Benefits!

Your wood-burning stove has many benefits, including warmth in cold weather, creating a cozy ambiance, and providing valuable ashes. That’s right, valuable ashes. Don’t buy it? We thought you might doubt us, so with your skepticism in mind, here is a guide- Unlocking the Power of Wood Stove Ashes: Practical […] Read more

The Benefits of Using a Fireplace Insert in Winter

Fireplace inserts are the perfect way to improve the look and function of your fireplace without the hassle of an expensive remodel. The enclosed design of fireplace inserts gives them a heightened ability to retain heat better than an outdated masonry fireplace providing a more efficient heat output and a […] Read more

How to Ensure a Healthy Vent System for Your Furnace and Boiler

Essential Inspections and Maintenance Tips Experts suggest that you have an annual inspection on your furnace and boiler. This will keep it running at its peak capacity. It is also important to be aware of regular maintenance. The most common being to replace your filter on a regular basis. Experts […] Read more

Cracked Chimney Flue Tiles: What You Need to Know

If your chimney uses a clay tile liner, it will likely develop some cracks over time. A compromised chimney liner can lead to all sorts of problems, the worst of which is a house fire. Chimney Specialists of Highland, WI, would like to share some helpful information about cracked flue […] Read more

How Animals Use Chimneys and Preventative Measures 

We all love a beautiful fireplace. A fireplace can bring a lot of joy to your family and friends. The winters are full of evenings enjoying a toasty, cozy fire. But with its beauty comes situations that are not very pleasant. The exposure of your chimney to the elements can […] Read more

History of the Fireplace: How It Became What It Is Today

People began using fire in controlled environments during the lengthy Middle Ages, which spanned from approximately the 5th through the 15th centuries. It was a time of kingdoms, hierarchies, and territorial wars, but it was also a time when people needed to be warm. Chimney Specialists of Highland, WI, would […] Read more

The Dangers of Ignoring Chimney Leaks 

Water can be great fun! The summer is full of days of swimming, fishing, boating, etc. But water in your chimney can be very costly. Water in any part of your home is no fun at all.  The intrusion of water can be very damaging. You will want to avoid […] Read more

The Many Benefits of Chimney Caps

One of the best ways to protect your chimney and keep it running safely and efficiently is by installing a chimney cap. This simple device can prevent a number of problems and save you significant money on repairs down the line. Chimney Specialists of Highland, WI, would like to share […] Read more

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