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Why Are Chimney Inspections Important

We’ve all been there: it’s the perfect fall evening. The air is crisp, everyone is laughing and smiling, and you want to come home to a warm, comfy fire. “My fireplace was fine this past season,” you think to yourself. Does this mean that it’s okay to start a fire […] Read more

What to do if you have Crumbling or Spalling Chimney Bricks?

Have you ever heard another homeowner say that, after a recent inspection, their technician told them that their chimney is spalling? This means that the masonry that makes up the visible portion of their chimney system has started cracking, crumbling, and may even be missing parts of it. So what […] Read more

Masonry Chimney Repairs You Need Before Winter

Warmer months are a time for vacations, leisure time, and fun, but they are also a time when many homeowners take the opportunity to catch up on much-needed household repairs and maintenance. And while there’s no shortage of things to do, one area that’s often neglected is the chimney. Because […] Read more

How To Repair a Masonry Chimney

Have you recently noticed that your chimney’s exterior is looking a little worse from the wear? Over time, weather systems can play havoc with it, causing small issues that can quickly escalate into larger problems. Our Chimney Specialists technicians deal with a wide variety of chimney repairs daily. Here are […] Read more

Common Chimney Issues

If you own a working fireplace and use it as a source of heating and comfort, you’ll eventually encounter some situations where you’ll need our Chimney Specialist technician to perform general maintenance on it. Here are the six most common chimney problems you’ll run into. Blockages in your flue Blockages […] Read more

Six Ways You Can Give Your Chimney New Life

Over time, our houses start to feel a bit stale. Whether it’s the paint that has been on the wall for the past five years or siding that needs to be repaired; there is always something in need of updating. This also extends to our chimney which can both deteriorate […] Read more

Identifying and Fixing Chimney Discoloration This Summer

Have you ever noticed an unexpected stain appear on or near your fireplace? Staining is not only unsightly, but it’s also typically indicative of an issue somewhere within your fireplace system. Since your chimney is likely sitting unused this summer, now is the perfect time to correct any problems. Read […] Read more

Preparing Your Fireplace For Summer

Most likely, your fireplace is going to sit unused this summer. Outside of the occasional cool night where you might choose to light a fire, it will act as a focal point within your home decor. This means now is the perfect time to attack your annual fireplace maintenance checklist. […] Read more

What is Chimney Tuckpointing?

As a homeowner, you try to stay on top of your home’s maintenance needs. Whether it’s a new roof, having your gutters cleaned, or sealing your foundation against moisture, these projects all help to keep your home in its best shape. What about your chimney though? For many, it’s a […] Read more

Benefits of a Chimney Swept By Professionals

In these challenging times, many homeowners are looking for ways to minimize their expenses. This is particularly true if you’re relatively handy and/or have a basic understanding of chimney maintenance. However, there are six significant benefits of having your chimney swept by professionals instead of doing it yourself. Safeguard your […] Read more

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