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The Many Benefits of Chimney Caps

One of the best ways to protect your chimney and keep it running safely and efficiently is by installing a chimney cap. This simple device can prevent a number of problems and save you significant money on repairs down the line. Chimney Specialists of Highland, WI, would like to share […] Read more

What Type Of Wood Should You Burn?

We’re just going to ask the question right out of the gate: what type of wood are you burning? Are you not sure what we mean exactly? If so, don’t worry. Many of our Chimney Specialists Inc. homeowners don’t always know the answer to this question, let alone its importance. […] Read more

Do You Need a Second Opinion for Chimney Services?

In many industries, it can pay to get a second opinion after you’ve received an initial estimate for services. A second opinion is even more valuable if the work looks like it will be complicated and expensive. In the chimney services industry, getting a second – or third – opinion […] Read more

Fall Inspiration For Your Fireplace

I’d like to start with, “Don’t we all love fall.” The air becomes crisp. We change our clothes to those warm comfy sweaters. The kids start school and by now have a routine. I love it when we can begin to decorate for the fall. All the farmer’s markets and […] Read more

What to Do When Crumbling Bricks Are Spotted

It’s happened to a number of homeowners just like you- after a few years of neglecting your chimney, you look up one day to see its bricks crumbling and cracking and then notice broken pieces on the ground. If this scenario has happened to you and you are at a […] Read more

Common Chimney Problems 

If you own a home with a chimney, chances are you’ve run into an issue at some point along the way. As you may know, they’re typically small and easily fixed. However, a good maintenance plan can often limit issues you may run into. If you have a chimney, it’s […] Read more

Ways To Give Your Chimney New Life

Don’t you love the old architecture of years ago? The large stately buildings that soar into the sky. Beautiful brick fireplaces. Over time it has been made clear that regulations need to be adjusted to make burning a fire safer. Changes in safety codes have been made over the years […] Read more

Why Is Your Chimney Discolored?

Today, we have a small task for you to complete. Are you ready? Picture your chimney. What colors do you see? If you said red or orange for the brick, along with gray or white for the mortar joints, perfect! However, if you mentally pictured any other color, pause. That […] Read more

Can I Use My Fireplace In The Summer?

Summer is finally here! Hopefully, you’ve been able to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather recently. Of course, just because we’re officially in the middle of the season doesn’t mean every day is a scorcher. Some days are hotter than others, and occasionally it can get chilly in Wisconsin […] Read more

Why Relining Your Chimney Is Worth It

It’s time for a short pop quiz! Are you ready? It’s a simple yes or no question: should all chimneys have an internal liner? If you answered “Yes,” then you answered correctly! Every functional chimney has one, and sometimes those liners wear down after a while. Let’s take a few […] Read more

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