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Tips for Your Masonry Chimney

Most chimneys in residential properties are masonry chimneys. Regular maintenance is essential to keeping masonry chimneys in good condition. Most masonry chimneys will eventually require repairs to keep them looking good and working properly. Here’s everything you need to know about masonry chimneys as a homeowner. What is a masonry […] Read more

Effects of A Damaged Chimney Liner

When your Chimney Specialist, Inc technician visits your home for an annual chimney inspection, they’ll always take a look at the condition of your liner. A damaged chimney liner poses several threats to your home. Prior to 1940, few chimneys had a liner. Congress enacted several laws requiring them due […] Read more

Chimney Stains and What They Mean

Nobody likes stains. Whether on our clothing or our homes, an unexpected stain means something happened that shouldn’t have. Just like any other substance, stain color is indicative of what caused it to appear in the first place. For your home, there are four primary types of chimney stains. Here’s […] Read more

How To Increase Fireplace Efficiency

If your home gets chilly during the winter, your fireplace can serve as a source of additional heat. If you decide to use your fireplace to heat your home, it’s important to make sure it’s working as efficiently as possible. Here are some things you can do to increase your […] Read more

Common Fireplace Problems That Affect Functionality

Having a fireplace at home is an easy way to stay cozy and warm during the winter months. Before the winter starts, you’ll want to make sure your fireplace is working properly so that you don’t miss out on any extra warmth. Issues with your fireplace often go unnoticed until […] Read more

Keep Snow Out of Your Chimney This Winter

Snuggling up near warm fires is something to look forward to when it’s snowing this winter. But, as a purely practical matter, it’s important to know how to keep snow out of your chimney. Snow signifies freezing temperatures and, eventually, slushy conditions as the snow melts. These freezing and thawing […] Read more

Why are Cracks in My Firebox?

You may ask why are cracks in my firebox, but it’s most important to know that immediate fireplace repair is needed. The firebox is the most visible part of the fireplace, being the interior opening where fires are built. Fireboxes serve the important function of protecting homes from two potentially […] Read more

How Long Can You Run A Gas Log Fireplace?

Your gas log fireplace is a wonderful source of heat and comfort throughout the winter months – but is it safe to leave on all day long? Although it can be tempting to keep your fireplace on for extended periods of time when it’s cold, there are also important safety […] Read more

What Are The Protective Components of A Chimney?

There is more to a masonry chimney than a column of bricks. There are protective components of chimneys that need upkeep. The best way to avoid common fireplace hazards or having to deal with an unstable or malfunctioning chimney is by scheduling annual chimney inspections for key protective chimney features. […] Read more

Can Chimneys Get Repaired in the Winter?

Chimney sweep companies often encourage customers to schedule chimney repairs in summer, but it’s not merely an advertising ploy.  It’s about the question, can chimneys get repaired in the winter? The answer is, yes, it is possible. However, winter chimney repairs are only recommended in emergency situations. The cost is […] Read more

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